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What do you mean yoga is not exercise?

Not too disappointed I hope :) Yoga, literally meaning 'union', is actually a spiritual practice. You turn your attention inward, unifying your mind, breath, and movement. Through the practice of yoga you come to realize your unity with 'All That Is', your own limitlessness, and the unity you share with those around you. Even by just scratching the surface of yoga physical benefits show up fairly quickly but they are a side effect. Most people call it exercise and miss the true depth. Reiki is very similar. It's simply a different spiritual practice with the same focus of turning inward to realize your own potential. When you turn inward the outer manifestation begins to look like physical or emotional healing. This is a side effect. A distraction from the true path. Most people don't call it that and often lose the opportunity to experience true happiness. The side effects of these practices are pretty good, don't get me wrong. They are definitely great starting points. But if you are ready to dig deeper and understand your true potential then it's time to turn inward. There are many paths you can choose, no one better than another. The best one is the one you stick with, the one that becomes a daily practice. Email me if you want to ask about different spiritual paths or you can check out the Love With Conviction program below. It will be a great starting point too. With love, Jacquie


Change your perception. See past what the physical eyes see to seeing the holiness in others, healing your relationships, your life, and the world around you.

There are no pre-requisites for this, only your desire to heal. We heal through a 5 minute daily meditation, daily support emails from me, an online chat group, and two personal Reiki healing sessions.

Program is online daily for a month Limited to 12 participants

$25US per person

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