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Living In The Flow

“Pushing through, trying to stay positive, really hard.” These were the phrases that littered my conversation with Jillian earlier this week. Looking at her situation it’s easy to see why. Jillian is in physical pain – deep, continuous, and mind-bending pain. She is a chronic pain patient who has already had two spinal surgeries yet hopes to get back to work fulltime one day. Contacting me about Reiki healing was her way of searching for a complementary way of healing.

Reiki healing was born in Japan, a country steeped in the Buddhist tradition and one that Jillian has a deep appreciation for because of her university studies. What she has forgotten is that in the Eastern philosophies there is no trying or pushing through. Reiki practitioners say that, ‘nothing comes from me but through me.’ We are the channels for Reiki. As a practitioner I don’t produce or control the energy and there is no pushing the Reiki. Yet, when I offer Reiki putting my hands in place I become the channel for Reiki. It flows through me.

I had been working on a blog post before I spoke to Jillian. It was written, rejected, stalled, and going nowhere! Ah, but the Universe conspires. After chatting with Jillian I realized that in our day-to-day living we could be channels for the Universal life energy even without being a Reiki practitioner. What does that mean?

I believe that we live within a space called the Universe and it is filled with a loving, intelligent energy. You can tap into that energy through your thoughts and become a channel for love just as a Reiki practitioner taps into the healing energy.

When you feel that things have gone wrong it is because your thoughts have moved away from that loving energy. It takes vigilance to stay focused. Being this channel can entail getting off your butt if there is work to be done but knowing that the means to get the job done will naturally flow through you. Ideas will pop in; people will show up; and connections needed for the completion of a project will arrive.

That is how the loving and intelligent energy works through you. There is no need for forcing or trying really hard. You don’t have to know everything. You simply focus on being the channel through which the energy can flow.

Forcing and pushing disappear within this consciousness and relaxation arises from within allowing the things you need in life to come easily and naturally. Subtlety changing your thinking from having the Universe provide for you to allowing it to move through you could change your life.

Jillian can start her own healing journey by making this subtle change in her thinking. It may be the only place she can start right now given the physical pain she endures. And she may not remove the pain but it will give her a starting point to increasing her ability to allow love, ideas, relaxation, and healing, possibly even physical healing, to move through.

If your life, job, relationships, or body aren’t working as well as you hope maybe you’d like to reconsider letting go of the pushing through and become a channel for flow through.

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