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This course is ONLY taught in person. Please email me for details of the next seminar or to set one up in your area. 


The contents of these Reiki Training courses replicate those taught by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi in the 1930s as he learned them from Mikao Usui, his teacher. Jikiden Reiki Training seminars give you all you need to know in order to treat yourself and others.


While there is a great deal to take in, it is taught in a way that is simple and easy-to-understand. Best of all you will experience Reiki in its original elegance and simplicity.


The levels within Jikiden Reiki are:


Shoden – Level 1

Okuden – Level 2

Shihan Kaku – Assistant Teacher

Shihan - Teacher

Dai Shihan



Shoden - Level 1 


The Shoden Level consists of 3 sections and has a mixture of theoretical and practical elements. Students receive one Reiju (attunement) in each section.


Students may take Shoden and Okuden together or separately.


At this level you will learn:


  • Reiki’s history including the story of Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) and how Jikiden Reiki came about;

  • The history and meaning of the Gokai – the 5 Reiki Principles;

  • The concept of Byosen – how and where toxins accumulate in the body, and the detoxification process;

  • The first traditional Shirushi or symbol, including how and when to use it, an explanation of its meaning, and the origin of the symbol;

  • The Kekko Technique (Ketsueki Kokan Ho) - a technique used by Dr. Hayashi to stimulate the detoxification process. There will be a demonstration and practice;

  • Hatsurei Ho - a tool for developing sensitivity in the hands.



Okuden - Level 2


The Okuden Level consists of 2 sections. Students receive one Reiju (attunement) in each section. Okuden consists of both theory and practice with a great deal of information - all well worth it!


It is possible to take Shoden alone and then take Okuden at a later date, although some people choose to take them together if they are both offered.


At this level you will learn:


  • How to use Sei Heki Chiryo to:

    • heal unwanted habits like worry or anger.

    • heal addictive habits such as smoking.

    • heal emotional issues and the effects of trauma.


  • The distant Reiki healing technique - healing someone who is not present.

    • The philosophy of this technique from a Japanese perspective.

    • How to use the Jumon and mantra associated with distant healing.


In order to progress to the level of Shihan Kaku (Assistant Teacher) or Shihan (Teacher) there are certain requirements that students need to complete.  The requirements have been put in place to ensure that students have sufficient experience, understand the concepts, know the course material, and feel confident to teach.


Shihan Kaku Requirements


Students should have:


  • Agreed to observe the regulations of The Jikiden Reiki Institute.

  • Practiced Jikiden Reiki for at least 6 months.

  • Repeated Shoden and Okuden at least once. It is possible to take Shihan Kaku immediately after repeating.

  • Practiced at least 120 hours of Reiki on at least 40 different people (distant healing is not included here).

  • Kept a list of the names, dates and length of treatments of the 40 people.

  • Produced a few case studies of treatments (students own style – no special requirement).

  • Submitted an essay regarding the reason you want to become Shihan Kaku and what you intend to do in the future.

  • Been living everyday according to Gokai principles.

  • Have a strong desire to spread Reiki in the World (it would be a good idea to introduce someone to Jikiden Reiki Training seminars)


A qualified Shihan Kaku can teach the Shoden level course only.



Shihan Requirements


Students should have:


  • Agreed to observe the regulations of The Jikiden Reiki Institute.

  • Been a practicing Shihan Kaku for at least 6 months in Japan. For those living abroad, 1 year is recommended because of the difficulties in repeating the seminars and practicing Reiju with Tadao Yamaguchi.

  • Taught at least 10 students Shoden level and provided written feedback from them.

  • Rejoined the Shoden and Okuden seminars with Tadao Yamaguchi at least one more time.

  • Prepare your answers to the questions in a review paper, which will be sent to you on request. This will contain questions regarding the contents of the seminars and frequently asked questions.

  • Been living everyday according to Gokai principles.

  • Have a strong desire to spread Reiki in theWorld.


NB. If you want to start a branch of Jikiden Reiki and hold Shoden and Okuden seminars you must purchase a full-sized Go-Kai scroll and pictures of Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei.


A qualified Shihan can teach the Shoden and Okuden level courses.



Dai Shihan 


There is no training seminar for this level.


Dai Shihan is granted by Mr. Tadao Yamaguchi, founder of The Jikiden Reiki Institute, once the requirements have been fulfilled. On becoming Dai Shihan teachers can start teaching Shihan-Kaku level courses. Once the teacher has gained the appropriate experience Mr. Yamaguchi will give permission for the teacher to teach Shihan level seminars.




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