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If you have no experience with Reiki I always recommend that you start with a Reiki Treatment. In fact, I suggest you book three sessions to start because at the first session you have no idea what is going to happen and you may be nervous.  At the second session you are more relaxed and able to move to a deeper state of balance and calm, then by the third Reiki Treatment you feel and understand the power behind this subtle energy practice.


Having treatments for a specific issue may be all that is needed for your situation. Once the issue is resolved you can schedule treatments on an as needed basis. And now that you know what is involved with a Reiki Treatment it will be easier to decide if Reiki Training is something that resonates with you.


If you have a chronic illness or injury I would strongly suggest that you take the Reiki Training. When you are a practitioner you have the ability to harness this energy on your own. And when desired you can have a treatment with your Reiki Practitioner because it is always nice to feel cared for and supported. 


If you have a family member who is chronically ill I would also suggest the Reiki Training. You will be able to keep yourself in a state of balance and better able to manage the rigors of caring for your beloved. Better still, you will be qualified to assist your loved one experience the depth of healing that Reiki offers.


Which Reiki course to take? See your choices here.

What should you expect during a Reiki treatment? It's all here!

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