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I attended a fantastic Usui Reiki Master Training with William Lee Rand, Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Arthur Baird in 2007. I returned home to Jamaica where I was living at the time and immediately started teaching. With a growing practice and the joy of teaching I returned in 2008 for their Karuna Reiki Master training just outside of Albany, NY.

However, in early 2008 I had started a conversation with Frank Arjava Petter about Jikiden Reiki. I was fascinated with what he had to say and ended up inviting him to teach in Jamaica. The only available time was in August 2008 over one of our biggest island holidays. I went ahead with the planning, assisted by my friend Roz Walker, and we pulled it all together. We had 10 students, 5 days of training, and loads of fun! 

Class on the beach! 

The Jikiden philosophy, style of teaching, and way of practicing captivated me! I decided I would proceed in my practice and training with only that style. I started a free Saturday morning clinic at the Diabetes center in Kingston. Any trained practitioner was welcome to join me, and many did. Anyone in the center that morning could have a 20 minute session. And they came! It was so successful that some who had the treatment would come again and again. 


In May of 2009 I joined Arjava in Tokyo, Japan. I had never been that far from home by myself and the trip didn't start very well as we were not allowed off the plane until it was certain that no one was sick with the H1N1 virus that was rampant at that time! The rest of my time in Japan was memorable and worth every waiting minute on that airplane!


Not only did I get to see Usui Sensei's grave but I got to interact with other Japanese students and practitioners. They guided us through Tokyo, the subway system, the Meji Shrine and so much more. Then the group went on to Kyoto to visit Mount Kurama and spend our last week in class with Tadao Yamaguchi at his childhood home and the office of the Jikiden Reiki Instuitute. 

A twist of fate, a change of heart, and I left my beloved Jamaica in June 2009. Since then I have lived in Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada and given Reiki treatments as part of the spa night for spouses of deployed military members. Next it was Alexandria, Virginia, USA, and my volunteer work took me to Fort Belvoir where I gave treatments to wounded veterans. I was also invited to give treamtments at the Navy Shipyard in Washington D.C. after a devastating shooting spree. I was sorry to leave but the adventure continues.

With my friend Nikki Ward who lives in Maryland, we organized the first Mid-Atlantic Conference for Reiki Practitioners in 2013. It was a huge success and we plan to continue going until it is no longer needed. Details here.

I was also happy to have the opportunity to reconnect with my beloved teacher Arjava and do my Shihan Kaku training while in the US. Then I held my first Shoden class before I left Virgina. 

Since Virginia I moved to Ottawa, Canada and then on to Panama City, Florida. This constant moving however made it difficult to create a sustainable in-office practice. As a result in 2016 I decided my primary business would be online offering distance healing treatments. My work with clients, particularly chronic pain patients, who wanted to learn but could not travel prompted me to offer the Usui Reiki as an online course. 


You can be a part of the journey - train with me, have a treatment with me, or if you are already a practitioner let's get together for a Reiki share! Contact me!

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