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The main focus of my healing practice is distance Reiki healing. That means we are in separate locations. However, I will also describe what an in-office session would be like. 

Common Elements of any Reiki Treatment:

If you have never had a Reiki Treatment at our first session I will explain Reiki a little but the experience is much more instructive. We will also discuss your situation or condition. I will not need a lot of information because the Reiki healing addresses the entire body. It accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal physical ailments, while promoting stress reduction, increased relaxation and feelings of peace and security and well-being.

Treatments can be given to a recipient sitting in a chair or lying on a bed or massage table. You will remain fully clothed at all times so be sure to wear comfortable clothing for your healing sessions.

A full session can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes long depending on the issue and time available for the client.  As healing happens the time required for each session will be reduced and the time between each session will be increased. 

You can be awake or asleep during the Reiki treatment but one generally falls into a mediative type of sleep or rest. It is a time for healing and quiet so I will do little talking allowing you to rest deeply. 

Distant Healing Session: 

For distance healing sessions all we need is an internet connection or a phone line and those requirements have nothing to do with Reiki. It is just that I will use the Internet or phone to physically connect with you to talk about what is happening. The Reiki healing part will be an energetic connection - something every level two practiotioner learns. Through that energetic connection the perception of the practitioner moves outside of time and space. 

Whether you do a session in my office with hands on the body, or from 100 miles away, I am still accessing your energy system and all levels of your being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When I do this from afar I have a protocol to follow in order to make the connection but once I have the connection I use the sensations in my hands, just like a hands-on treatment, to assess what is happening. 

In Office Practice:

In my in-office practice you would be lying on a massage table. I would lay my hands gently on the body in a variety of positions around the head, front and back body. There is no manipulation of the body or muscles in a Reiki Treatment. There are also no creams applied or pills to be swallowed. If you are experiencing severe pain, or have clear symptoms, I will focus on those during the session.


The nature of Reiki is one of co-operation including an active commitment on the part of the recipient. You fully participate by accepting responsibilty for your healing, taking action as necessary, and following treatment plans with your medical team. 

Contact me now to discuss how you can heal your body and your life with a series of Reiki Treatments.


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