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Moving; The Obstacle

Last week I wrote about the obstacles in life that are really the path and journey of your life. That post seemed to have hit a nerve with a number of my readers based on the comments and emails I got. Thanks for the feedback! This week I thought I’d share with you one of my obstacles and how I plan to maneuver around it.

It’s moving. Not just moving house but moving from one country to another and one province to another. The dilemma is that I haven’t been able to get my professional Reiki practice going properly since the first big move a few years ago.

Back in 2009 I had a growing Reiki practice when I left Jamaica for Canada. And I've moved 4 times since then living in both Canada and the USA and in two different provinces while in Canada. No stay has been for longer than two years. I actually thought I'd be in my current place for an extended time but it's not to be. This is part of the military life I've married into, an aspect that every military family deals with, not to mention numerous other professions where staff and families are moved regularly.

I'm not complaining, it’s been fun and I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve made friends along the way, met other Reiki practitioners, started a Reiki Conference which is growing and expanding, volunteered in some great programs, and done quite a bit of exploring along the way. However, with the mindset that I was staying put for a while I set up an office Reiki practice and it’s growing except, once again, I'm leaving. Moving is my obstacle. How do I create an ongoing practice to share my passion? How do I develop and maintain relationships with clients and people who are interested in receiving Reiki healing or learning about Reiki? One way is through my volunteer work but I'd like more than that. I'd like a viable ongoing Reiki practice but I’m no longer prepared to offer an office, in person, option - for the time being anyway. What’s next then?

Distance Reiki healing. That’s what’s next for me. It will become the main focus of my business and it will mean that no matter where in the world I am, and no matter where the client is, he or she can have a Reiki healing session with me. All we need is an internet connection or a phone line and those requirements have nothing to do with Reiki. It's just that I will use the Internet or phone to physically connect with clients to talk about what is happening with them. The Reiki healing part will be an energetic connection - something that every level two practitioner learns.

I bet you’re wondering how, and if, this type of Reiki healing works. The how, simply put, is through an energetic connection created where the perception of the practitioner moves outside of time and space, and yes it does work. Until now I’ve chosen not to focus on it as I like the in-office interaction but the healing benefits of distant Reiki are just the same. Whether we do a session in the office with my hands on the body, or from 100 miles away, we are still accessing the energy system of the client and all levels of his or her being - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When I do this from afar I have a protocol to follow in order to make that connection but once I have the connection I use the sensations in my hands, just like a hands-on treatment, to assess what is happening with the client.

It turns out that clients seem to respond to sessions in similar ways too. I taught a class and invited Carol, a cancer survivor, over to be the client for the students. What we didn’t know and found out the second day she returned was that she had not been feeling well. After the first session she returned home at about 1pm, had a cup of tea on her sofa, and was woken at about 7pm by her husband. They went to bed a couple of hours later, she slept soundly, and she reported feeling great the next day.

My distant healing client, Amanda, had a similar experience. She had had a very bad night, both mentally and physically, but decided to proceed with the session hoping it would alleviate the stress she was feeling. We finished her session at about 2pm and she says that she slept deeply finally getting up at about 9pm, for no other reason than she felt she should. When she did go back to bed she also slept soundly. Amanda also said that the week following was still chaotic but somehow she “managed to get the important things done effortlessly and I attribute that to you.” That’s a nice thought but really it was the Reiki healing bringing about a sense of peace and feelings of well-being – comments I hear all the time.

My point is that both the benefits and the responses to Reiki healing are the same whether in person or over a distance. Describing it can be difficult as our language is limiting and what we are dealing with scientists are now theorizing and thinking about thus opening a discussion that is becoming more main stream. But let’s leave all that for the moment because I get so excited about this healing system I could talk about it all day when really I’m supposed to be talking about my block – moving.

When we move countries again this summer I will be moving my Reiki practice in a new direction and eliminating any apparent obstacles I may think are in front of me. Honestly, I think about it now and wonder why it’s taken me so long to figure this out! I do so many other things online – from banking to reading to chatting to exploring. Now I will use an online platform to offer my Reiki services. And with that comes a feeling of excitement.

And what about you dear friend? What obstacles are setting you on new paths or enhancing the journey of your life? I’d love to hear.

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