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Reiki, pronounced (Ray Key) means “soul energy.” It is a subtle energy healing practice that originated in Japan with Mikao Usui in 1922. 


It is considered a subtle energy because the effects of the practice are profound without producing any fireworks. Some people refer to Reiki as a meditative practice because that is the feeling produced during and after a healing treatment. 


However you think about it, Reiki is used primarily for self-care and the main reason to learn the practice. It has also been found to be effective in therapeutic applications with a qualified practitioner - that is, having a Reiki treatment from someone else.


Reiki promotes balance and healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When the body is in balance it allows the natural healing system to function at an optimal level. A balanced body means stress is reduced and feelings of peace are increased. 


Though the literal translation of the word Reiki from Japanese is ‘soul energy’ it is not a religion or a philosophy. It does not require any spiritual or esoteric background to practice. The knowledge of the soul does not belong to a specific religion or denomination - the idea of the soul is found in all cultures - allowing Reiki healing to be practiced by anyone.


There are several names and schools for Reiki now but the energy is the same. Once a practitioner has been properly attuned or initiated into the practice they can never lose the ability to use Reiki for themselves or someone else. 

Learn more about the Eastern versus Western style Reiki.

Should you train first or get a treatment first? This will help you decide.

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