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Jacqueline Ramsey, who happily answers to Jacquie, was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica where her two sons were also born and raised. In 2003, following a cycling accident, her life changed setting her on a new life path.


In her journey to heal she became a Reiki Master/Teacher and practitioner and set up her practice in Jamaica. She traveled to Arizona, New York and Japan for classes, and she had teachers from all over the world go to her neck of the woods to teach.


Her ‘neck of the woods’ is now global as she has left her home, Jamaica, and she has no idea when, or if, she will return. For the time being her journey continues and she is reminded that as human beings no matter how diverse we may seem, at our core we are the same. She also knows that when we are in pain what we want is a way out. Yet we look outside when the power for healing is within.


Though Reiki became one of her healing tools it was by no means the only one. In fact, she found that the most powerful tools that you can use are also the simplest and the ones within reach - like meditation, exercise, and journalling. Not just for her, but for everyone. Yet, for her, Reiki healing was the modality that brought all the healing tools she was already using into a cohesive system of healing.


Her journey continues as she commits herself to helping others in pain. Each interaction is a learning experience, a new adventure, and a step toward the Divine. Each person she meets is a teacher with something valuable to share.


Jacquie shares her life with Paul, her first love, and though she wishes her young men still lived with her, it is now their time to make their way in the world. When you can’t find Jacquie online she may be out for a run, walk or swim; in the garden; curled up on the sofa reading; or traveling.


Jacquie believes that pain can be a path to a life filled with joy and peace; that healing comes from within; and that despite pain you can be a powerful and loving presence in the world.


If you would like to train with Jacquie or have treatments email her now. She will help you learn the secret art to inviting happiness. 


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