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If you have reached this page and are feeling this is your last resort, take a breath, relax. I felt that way when I found Reiki as have many of my clients. It is another option to consider in your healing journey and one that will not only benefit your body, but your whole life.


Reiki Healing Benefits:


  • It is a holistic, system-wide healing method

    • It does not treat your disease or condition

    • Reiki healing treats the whole person 

    • It rebalances your body systems, detoxifies, and helps the body eliminate what is no longer needed  

    • It accelerates your body’s natural ability to heal


  • It is versatile and easy to use

    • Reiki healing works in conjunction with all your medical and non-medical treatments and therapies 

    • It is completely non-invasive

    • There are no needles, creams, or anything to swallow

    • It is not symptom or condition specific and the practitioner requires no diagnosis


  • It is unique

    • It is client centered 

    • The rebalancing of the body systems comes from within you, the client

    • This is unlike other types of energy medicine where the practitioner deliberately reorganizes the energy field of the client

    • It leads to a path of inviting happiness


Studies associate Reiki healing with:

~ Improved Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

~ Decreased Stress Hormones

~ Reduced Pain, Anxiety and Fatigue

~ Improved Sleep

~ Improved Mood & Functioning of Depressed Patients

~ Enhanced Well-Being and Quality of Life


Reiki healing is not a substitute for qualified healthcare. Do not stop medical treatments without consulting your doctor about alternatives.


Healing takes time and happens on many levels. Reiki healing has a cumulative effect stabilizing the nervous system and reducing stress to facilitate healing. With multiple healing sessions your body system is kept engaged in the healing process, thereby accelerating it.


Transform the turmoil in your life and book an appointment now! 

Reiki healing is not...


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