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'Tis The Season

If there was ever a time to feel this way, the month of December makes you feel it twice as much. You know what I mean, the feeling that there is way too much to do and just not enough time to do it all. Apart from your regular workload there are the extra events and preparations for the holiday season, whether you are staying home or travelling.

The question is how to make it fun, get stuff done, and yet maintain an even keel so that you can manage your chronic pain.

Start with reducing your workload by putting on the back burner all the projects that can wait for the moment. Yes, I know, they are all important but really? Parts may be critical, deal with those, schedule the rest for later. When you make a list of what has to be done along with the importance of each item, you can relax knowing that you now have a plan.

Now add in some fun stuff. Go to a Christmas concert, for example, and enjoy the music of the season. I went to the dress rehearsal of the US Army Band’s Holiday Concert near me. It was free with the understanding that they would stop and restart if they had any glitches. There weren’t any and I had to work really hard to NOT sing out loud!

Take a drive in the evenings to look at all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. Some homeowners go all out with the lights going on and off in tune with music. We even saw one house a few years ago where they had a holographic image of Santa in the window. That was really cool and even had me believing that he’d come to visit!

Find a good spot in the mall where you can sit quietly and people watch, or watch the mall Santa with the children. It’s fun to see the different reactions of the little ones to Santa, ranging from fear to excitement to wonder and awe. Or snuggle in on a cold evening to enjoy a Christmas movie on television or replay your favorite DVD.

As you allow the spirit of Christmas to seep in it makes everything else you do more fun and less crazy. To help you manage your chronic pain, pick and choose where you will spend your energy for the season. Is your love baking? Are you a craft lover? Use your talents to create, keeping it simple with small manageable projects. Are you more interested in the parties? Go to a few just don’t hit the town every night!

Whatever you decide remember to back off when it gets to be too much. It’s ok to take care of yourself and say no sometimes. In fact, it’s a must, and will help you enjoy the whole season that much more.

What is your favorite part of this season? Leave a message on Facebook.

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