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Giving Thanks.

We should be giving thanks everyday, for everything. But we don’t. Not to worry, because in Canada and the United States they have set aside a day for it. Not sure if this is custom anywhere else in the world but Canada had its thanksgiving in October and the United States will celebrate theirs on November 22.

Apart from having a holiday, yay, having a day set aside makes you stop and think about what you are thankful for, and that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ll share just a few thoughts.

I’m very thankful for my family which has supported me through thick and thin. I remember when my Dad, with tears in his eyes, could barely say, “That’s not how you were raised.” My heart sank because I knew my decision went against all that I had been taught and I felt I had let him, and myself, down. But I also knew it was the right decision for me. My Dad may not have agreed with my decision but his love for me was greater than his disappointment. I’m very grateful.

I’m thankful for my pussycat Sheba. She continues to remind me of all that I learned through raising my boys. Patience is the big one right now. She has not been very well lately and is now on thyroid medication. What can I say - she’s old. After I give her the pill I have to sit with her to make sure it is swallowed otherwise she holds it in her mouth and when I let her go she spits it out. We have found a pill stuck to the wall!

The other morning when I got up to feed Sheba she was acting funny but it was dark and I just let it go since I couldn’t see her properly. I went to the kitchen, washed and filled her bowl, when I heard her behind me. She was looking up at me, I'm sure with a smile, and a mouse in her mouth! Good lord, apparently old does not equate to lack of skill! (Note to self – remember that when dealing with my elders.)

Here’s the huge lesson – while I may not have agreed with her decision I still loved her. I got over my disappointment of her actions quickly. I affirmed and supported what a great mouser she was – why the heck do we have mice in our house anyway – and the moment she dropped it I covered it and called Paul who dutifully got rid of it.

And to you, my subscribers, I give thanks for your support since I started this blog. I appreciate all your comments, feedback and suggestions. However, this will be my last post in this forum. I’ll still be writing but it will be on my website which has a slightly different focus. The two sites will be combined into one this week and I’m not sure if that means you will continue to get my posts or you would have to sign up at the website to get them automatically. We will find out together.

I would be happy to have your continued support, feedback and suggestions, but I’ll also understand if you choose otherwise. I’m very grateful to have journeyed this far with you.

I hope that you have many things to be thankful for in your life but when its difficult to find anything, give thanks even for the smallest blade of grass, ray of sunshine, colour of your wall, or pussycat that only wants to play at 2am. It means she still loves you.

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