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When a non-descript Friday night comes around, an invitation to go see Denzel Washington in a new movie is more than welcomed - it becomes excitement. I mean, what’s not to like about that man. So it was with Flight last Friday, the newest movie for Denzel, and for me, far fewer crowds than I would have expected on an opening night.

It was a great movie. It had all the best elements; a story filled with drama, angst, and hope, actors who were believable in their respective roles, and great production where I was so caught up in the playing out of the story I didn’t notice errors or oddities in the picture, sound or editing.

But you know the best part about the movie? The way it was advertised. What you see in the trailer is less than that tip of the iceberg the people on the Titanic saw. I only knew the true depth of the story as I watched it unfold. How refreshing! How many times have you seen all the best parts of a movie in the trailer so that in the theatre there was no engagement?

I think about it in terms of nudity. Most people don't really want to see others naked, everything flapping out in the breeze. Hello, nude beaches are usually the smallest ones around and often the laughing stock for the rest of us who are too shy to bare all. What we really want is a hint of what’s to come.

The men I know like the bikini and the cleavage that hints at the soft warm breasts underneath. We women tend to look at the butt, legs and/or chest, and they often look better covered in snug jeans with a shirt undone just right. Unless, of course, you are Daniel Craig playing James Bond in Casino Royale wearing tight swim trunks. Sigh.

I digress.

What counts is the anticipation of the happy surprise. I remember long years ago being a nosy kid who wanted to know what my parents had gotten me for Christmas. I searched long and hard, and I found it. I was very happy with the gift and couldn't wait to have it on Christmas morning. However, it was extremely deflating opening a gift knowing exactly what it was. I never did that again.

I know the advertisers have to tell us something of the story. They have to entice us into the theatre and many movies don’t have the draw of a fantastic actor like Denzel, yet have a great story to share. Salmon Fishing on the Yemen and Life is Beautiful come to mind though I’m sure there are numerous others.

I have no answers for the advertisers today.

Just a reminder that each day we have can be filled with happy surprises but only when we anticipate them.

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