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An Invitation for Healing

What does it mean to Love With Conviction? 

  • It means expressing love to those who annoy or hurt us the most.

  • It means expressing love when we are not in the mood.

  • It means expressing love always and in all ways. 

Through love we are led to healing and forgiveness at the deepest level.


Love starts with me - can you say that?


Are you ready to transform a relationship in your life from one of resentment, anger, or upset - and to move it into one of joy, peace, and love? It will be a profound shift. 

Do you wish you could find a way out of your most difficult relationship? You have the means within to change how you see what's outside of you. 


Interested in releasing the unnecessary drama and apprehension in your life? You can change your mind about what is happening and bring in a sense of calm. 

You ask - What does love hold for me? The short answer - a different kind of healing


How does this work? 

Love is a tool, plain and simple. It is the vehicle through which you will open your capacity to act from your soul, no matter who is standing before you. 

This practice is not charity. It is not about loving someone abusive and staying put - you do not pretend abuse is not happening. But from a calmer state of mind you can do the things that need to be done to remove yourself from the abuse. 


This practice is not about being the better, more spiritual person. And it is not religious based. 


It is about changing your perception. It is about seeing past what the physical eyes see. It is about seeing the holiness in another person. And in the process you will see your own holiness. 

It will lead to a spiritual awakening, revitalizing your life. 

And it will be a more loving existence for you. Sign up now!


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”


~ Maya Angelou

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Here's the plan:


You choose someone in your life who you find difficult to be around. 


Every day you will spend 5 minutes sending love to that person. Every day I'll send an email to encourage and guide you. 

This practice will be done consecutively for 30 days.

As part of the program you will have two half-hour personal healing sessions with me to assist you in your practice. You can schedule your sessions at any time during the 30-day period of the program. They expire on the last day of the program. 

You will be part of a WhatsApp group where we connect with each other to share experiences and encourage each other in this practice - this is optional though recommended by previous participants.

If you join in we will all start and end on the same day. This program is limited to only 12 participants. 


What's next?


The next session is TBD. Registration - email me to be put on the waiting list.


Use the PayPal button below to sign up and hold your spot. 

The fee is $25US but no one is turned away. Please email me if you need financial assistance.   


 “You know it's love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you're not part of their happiness.”

~ Julia Roberts

Is this easy? 

Nope. You don't even like the person you've chosen! But it's not about them, and I know you know that ;)

Do you have to do it every day? 

Yup. Each day builds on the previous day and this is a muscle you may have never used before. Therefore, you need to practice everyday to build up the forgiveness loving muscle.

Will you become best friends with the person you've chosen? 

I doubt it, but you never know! The practice will help you let go of baggage that's holding you back and help you see differently. Most important though is that you will bring more love into your life and the world. 


What has happened for previous participants?

  • Previous sessions with a mental health provider, then this practice, was a powerful combination for healing. 

  • This practice with one person positively influenced a relationship with someone else that wasn't expected. 

  • The ability to get through the day with a feeling of ease and a sense of peace was increased.

  • The practice helped a participant start a daily meditation practice. 


Healing sessions information:

  • I am a Reiki practitioner - a channel through which healing happens.

  • I will not offer counseling - please see a mental health or medical practitioner if required.

  • I will offer healing that works in conjunction with any medical, mental, or physical therapy. 

  • This healing is formless - going beyond words and logical thinking - to re-awaken your soul.  

  • As you move through the process your whole person is healed - mind, body, soul, and emotions.



Why am I doing this project?

It breaks my heart every time I see there has been another mass shooting or another hate killing. We are told the world needs more love. Yet how do I translate that idea into my day to day life that would benefit me and the world at large? That was my question.


The problem is the world becomes a faceless mass in which it is easy to say, "sure I forgive them and send them love." But if I look at my spouse, child, neighbor, co-worker, or employer and feel hate suddenly it's not easy at all. And it sucks the life right out of me.


My answer, then, is choosing to see love in that prickly person in my life. This is not a logical thing to do. In fact, it goes totally against the grain! As a Reiki practitioner I've seen healing happen I cannot explain. I accept the fact that I'm working on a mystical level, transcending my mind, offering healing that comes through me but not from me.

I also accept the fact that many people come to this kind of healing more from desperation, having tried every other avenue of healing. I did. Many of my clients have. It's not uncommon.  


Love works the same way as Reiki. By offering love to a prickly person in your life you stretch yourself to that mystical level, bypass your mind, and create a situation where healing can move through. It may seem an impossible situation to heal but this healing works on another level - beyond the logical. Ultimately, it is not about the other person, yet the practice can improve situations bringing love and a higher vitality into your life. 

Sign up now to join us for this month of healing. 

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