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A Course in Miracles

Healing based on ACIM

Welcome to this healing practice based on the 25 principles of healing from A Course in Miracles.

This approach is rooted in understanding the power of the mind which we aim to heal. Rather than healing the body we focus on helping you connect with the wholeness already within you. 

You are invited to experience the power of A Course in Miracles principles in your own healing journey.

What to expect

Here is are some things to know about your healing session:


  • Your healing session will be conducted via Zoom.

  • You will be invited to relax as I share a prayer and guide you to enter into a quiet meditative state.

  • Every session is different. 

  • Some recipients notice physical sensations or mental experiences. You may or may not. Either is fine. There is no ‘correct’ way to experience this kind of session. 

  • When I am guided to end the quiet time, you will be gently asked to return your attention to the room. 

  • You will also have the opportunity to discuss anything that came up for you during the session, if you wish. 

  • People respond differently to their sessions. Some feel energized, some feel the need to rest, some do not notice anything. It does not matter.

Booking Calendar

Leaves Shadow

Essentially, all healing is the release from fear.

[CE T-2.VII.2:3]

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A summary of the 25 principles of healing from the Circle of Atonement is available here.

The Complete & Annotated Edition of A Course in Miracles is available here

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