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It’s happened yet again. We have moved from one country to another, left one house for a different one. This time it only took 13 months for the change to happen but it seemed so much faster. And like anything in life there are ups and downs to all this moving. It’s exciting to be waking up in a new city, meeting new neighbors, and starting a new job. It can also be overwhelming doing all those things too.

A big life change – I don’t care how many times I move house I still feel this is a big life change – can also be a good time to reset. In the midst of the upheaval of moving one can rearrange not just the furniture but also how we exercise, where and when we meditate, how and what we eat. In some ways it may be easier to make those changes in the middle of change than deliberately upsetting a normal routine, often called a rut. Either way, if you feel the need to make changes you will have to dig in and do the work.

I’m ready. I’ve been feeling this desire to reset myself physically, in terms of how I exercise and what I eat; mentally, to refocus my attention on loving with conviction; and spiritually, feeling the desire to deepen my meditation practice. Resetting any one of these areas will benefit all areas and it won’t matter where I start. I just have to start! And herein lies the problem. There are always excuses as to why I can’t start today, and usually they are good excuses, but excuses are also choices. As a grown up I choose where and how I want to spend my time. The major upheaval of moving is done now and since we are somewhat settled I choose to get started.

I’m sharing this with you for a couple of reasons. By stating my plan out loud I feel I’m more accountable to holding to it. There may be a couple of you who are interested in doing something similar and want company. What better way to start something new than with a few friends. I’m always up for company! Let me know on FB or via email if you want company too.

Here’s my plan. Although I think I eat pretty well I’m going to do the Whole30 program. This is a 30 day eating plan to help you reset your eating habits, taste buds, internal functioning, and understanding of how food affects your body. It’s 30 days of eating ‘whole food’, no processed food of any sort. And there are all sorts of yummy foods that I like which are processed! I know my eating has gone off the rails a little bit, and here in Ottawa I have really bad allergies. I want to see if by changing the food I eat will I be able to eliminate the allergies I have.

I’m in the process of preparing mentally and physically for this 30 day eating plan. I’m stocking the kitchen with appropriate seasonings and dry goods. I’m reading and understanding what they mean by ‘whole foods’, while getting used to their meal plan and recipes. It’s a process! The actual 30 days will start on August 21.

At our new residence there is a gym not far from home. I’ve not been in yet to check it out but I’ll get there soon – unpacking boxes has been enough exercise for the moment! I know me though and come winter I’m going to hate going to the gym. I really wanted to start something I could do at home all year long so I’ve started a 28-day yoga plan. At the end of 28 days I’ll have three different routines to alternate. I did this program for the first time over 26 years ago and it was life changing then. I’m doing it again as if it were all new to me now. I did day twenty-two this morning. I like this program because it incorporates the physical aspects of yoga poses with yogic breathing and meditation. (This is actually where I first learned to meditate.) It’s a daily practice that will take about 30 minutes and can be done morning or evening. I choose morning.

As the weather is still nice I’d like to also incorporate an evening walk especially since I’ve not made it to the gym yet. The follow through of this idea has been inconsistent so far but it’s still on the table, for now… before winter hits J

As you’ve seen I’ve been meditating for a long time. Yet, somehow, it feels like my meditation practice needs revamping. Is that even possible? I’m not quite sure what I mean when I say I want to revamp or reset my meditation practice. But after some thought I have decided to change it in two ways. I will still roll out of bed and meditate each morning, and now it will also be the mindful start of the yoga practice. I can’t go wrong starting my day that way!

I have also practiced Transcendental Meditation in the past. Without getting into too much detail the main part of it that I had let go was the evening meditation. I gave it up in the busyness of life but I’ve decided to add it back in. It’s only 20 minutes and that time away from the television in the evening will set me up for a deeper more peaceful sleep.

What do I think I’m going to accomplish with all of this? A good and fair question and one that I admit I do not have a complete answer for at the moment. One thing I’m hoping to do is revitalize my daily habits toward ones that enrich me physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Overtime I think weeds creep into even the best-kept garden no matter how we try to keep them at bay and every so often we just need to turn over the soil and refresh everything. I think that’s what I’m doing with my daily practices.

How about you? Making changes in the summer may not be the best time but you can at least think about it, maybe make plans for changes in the fall. Then again, there’s no time like the present!

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