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Spring Has Sprung!

While watering my orchids the other day I was very excited to see that three of the four plants have new leaves coming out. Spring has sprung! If you came by to look at these orchids though you'd think they were in pretty bad shape.

That's because they travelled with us from Ontario, Canada to Panama City, Florida in the car. As much as we tried to shield them and keep them out of the direct sun, well, in the end we failed. Many of their leaves got burned and they have a tattered and torn look about them now. Kinda like they've been to hell and back.

Do you feel that way sometimes? Like you've been through hell and the way back is tough or maybe there is no way back? Yeah. I think most of us have felt that way at some point. But even though the going may be tough or you may think there is no way back, you will come back. It may take time. It will probably take a lot of forgiveness. It will definitely mean opening your heart even though you want to keep it closed and protected!

Yet spring can come for you too, just like my orchids. You will blossom “right where you are planted” shining in areas that may not have been previously open to you. As yes, the outer you may look a bit tattered and torn but the inner you opens to bring new hope, love, and forgiveness to the world around you.


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