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Not Easy But Simple?

Not Easy But Simple?

It’s not easy, but it’s simple.

What an incongruent statement, don’t you think? I suppose it could be called an oxymoron but on the surface I look at it and think it’s just dumb! How can something that is not easy, i.e. complex, be simple? One would think that if something is complex then it would be hard to do or to solve.

I think of the Reiki practice immediately because the practice itself is very simple. You put your hands on the body, Reiki is on and flowing. You take your hands off, Reiki stops. Pretty simple, right? Yet you would be amazed at how many people fuss and fret about whether or not they are doing it right. That was the newbie me and a stage many practitioners go through. The problem is that it seems too easy so it can’t possibly work. We get caught up in how we think it should look, how hard I must be working to do this, or if I just added this one little thing it would work better. And it's pretty difficult to explain, usually better understood when experienced. That should make it difficult to do too, we think.

World peace, well now, that’s a complex problem and not at all easy to solve. Yet there is a simple solution available and if everyone participated world peace would be the result. If each of us were to create a foundation of inner peace we could function from a place that transcends the limitations of the world and achieve a higher level of consciousness. Huh?

What I mean is when you live in a state of peace it won’t matter the chaos going on around you because your mind will be a peace and you will intuitively know what action, if any, to take regarding the chaos. You won’t be fighting the chaos, thus adding to it, but you will very calmly be able to influence or overcome what is happening. There will be no war; instead it will be a conducive meeting of the minds, labour with a vision toward a peaceful resolution, and zero conflict within you.

Now is doing this easy? Nope! But it’s a pretty simple solution.

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