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The Waiting Game.

Waiting. What do you do while waiting? I start off by checking out the other people who are also waiting. Once I'm bored with that my attention moves to reading all the signs on the wall. Then to the phone - any new emails, have I caught up on FB posts - and eventually I'll play my favourite phone app, Boggle.

After the fact I think to myself what a time waster that was! I remember listening to a talk by Zig Ziglar. He produced many audio courses and books in what he calls his automobile university. He didn't waste any time and showed you how you didn't have to either. He would say that he could get a lot of work done while watching football. The plays only lasted a minute or two and even when he missed the play the replays came next.

I'm usually the passenger on the commute to work whether in the car or on the bus and I've been thinking about this recently. I know there are some evenings my brain is tired, my eyes don't feel like reading, and just zoning out is sometimes the only option I want to entertain.

Waiting can be an insidious thing though if you're not careful. Like waiting for a doctor to 'fix' you but you don't take any positive action toward helping yourself. Or waiting on the perfect job but letting suitable ones pass you by. Or the perfect time to - - you fill in the blank.

Starting feels overwhelming, change puts you out of your comfort zone, and failure, well, that's just terrifying. But life passes you by while you wait.

Please don't wait any longer. Start where you are with what you've got today!

Where will you start?

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