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Right On Track!

I took a walk the other day with my friend, Jess. It was a lovely fall day with the sun warm enough and the breeze low enough that we could remove jackets. As we strolled along Jess was talking about an issue she was having. She had been meditating on it, asked for guidance more than once, and felt nothing was forthcoming. In her words she felt, ‘totally blocked.” She had reached the point where she was ready to engage the services of a hypno-therapist she had worked with before.

I felt, and told her, that she was looking outside for an answer which was somewhere in her psyche. She needed to relax and allow it to surface. I was not surprised when she said that someone else had already told her that! And it was no surprise to me that I was having the conversation because I often look outside of myself for answers that can only come from me. My conversation with Jess was a great reminder for me.

What was most interesting for me about the conversation was Jess’s feeling about being blocked. Now there’s an odd concept. Why? Because who could be blocking her? Could it be some ghastly little gremlin trying to stop her from having the best answers thereby leading her to an awful life? Maybe there’s a wall in Jess’s brain erected by God to stop her from thinking logically or deeply on a subject? Or is it a physical defect that only allows Jess to think so far before she hits the blockage? Ah, no. None of the above. Jess is stopping herself. She doesn’t want to hear the answer. It’s easier to find another cause for why she has no answer.

The conversation with Jess reminded me of a Reiki forum post I had read. The writer was asking for opinions on how to self-treat his adrenal glands. They are located in the mid-back area of the body and not easy to reach with your own hands. As practitioners we would prefer to place our hands on the apparent location of a problem though Reiki goes where it’s needed and not necessarily where you place your hands. Therefore, hand placement is really a non-issue.

The first answer to the writer was, in my opinion, complete. The short version was, “One should be self-treating the whole body every day as the adrenal glands don’t work in a vacuum and your whole system needs to be supported.” The next question from the writer was, “But how do I reach the adrenals?” Clearly the writer was not interested in hearing this answer either. Maybe he thinks it’s too much work for him to self-treat every day. Who knows? What it brings home to me is how easily we can avoid the answers we don’t want to hear. Just like Jess.

There is another thought floating around in my brain about Jess being blocked. Maybe she is doing all the right things and she just needs to keep doing it. This blockage that she feels may be like mud that needs to be washed away. If the process of washing isn’t stopped midway soon enough there will be no more mud, just crystal clear water. If the writer in the Reiki forum wants adrenal gland healing he needs to start by putting his hands on his body, anywhere. And then he needs to keep going, every day, until the way is clear.

Is there some issue in your life you can’t seem to get an answer for? Are you sure you haven’t been ignoring the answer? Or have you stopped short thinking you were getting nowhere when you may, in fact, be right on track. Ponder that for a while.

Either way, giving thanks for the process is a good way to help get you through the process. In Truth, you are right where you are supposed to be for your highest good.

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