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Express Your Genius!

I'm experimenting today and if you are reading this thank you for being a part of my experiment. Normally I sit in my quiet office and take a couple if hours to write my blog. I used to fret for an entire week about what to write but now I often have a vague idea about the subject before I start and then I go with the flow. A reader asked me the other day where I get my ideas - they come for things, people, or situations that happen in my life or the world around me.

Today I'm giving myself 30 mins to come up with a coherent post that inspires in some way. And I'm doing it in a busy restaurant with the scraping noise of a spatula, people coming and going greeting each other. Quite a change for me.

What's interesting is that as I started I was quite tense. I've reached the third paragraph and notice how tense my body is. So much so I had to pause, take a deep breath and suggest to my body that it let go of the tension. Of course, I'm the one that put the tension there in the first place so my body too the suggestion very well!

Do you remember to do that in your day? To pause and relax, maybe take a few deep breaths or stretch? There are so many studies that show when people sit at a desk all day it's one of the best things you can do for yourself.

And then the environment. It's not always possible to have a space in which the conditions are perfect for you. Yet you have to make do. Put in headphones if possible - today I'm keeping my head down as I type and allowing the sounds around me to wash over me. What do you do?

But the most important thing is to allow your inner voice to speak. Whatever project you are working on starting is often the hardest part. Don't panic. Just start. Write a word, draw a picture, devise a timeline. Once you get started the ideas will start to flow. And for. There you can add, delete, and refine as necessary. But when you are tense, as I was to start this post you block the genius that is pushing to come out.

Don't worry if no one else thinks you're a genius either. It's not really about them. It's about you experiencing and expressing what lays hidden but wants to come out.

My times up! How did I do?

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