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Giving –The Same As Getting

It was a long day, a long weekend in fact. It meant driving from Ottawa, Ontario to Baltimore, Maryland, a distance of 540 miles. But it was fun. I reconnected with people I met last year and met some new ones. I heard stories that made me laugh, want to cry and those that spoke of miracles renewing my faith in what I call ‘the cosmic wink.’

As co-organizer of the Mid-Atlantic Conference for Reiki Practitioners I shared my day with others as passionate about Reiki as I am.

It was interesting for me to hear the stories of how others got started with Reiki. Each one different yet inspiring in its own way. There were tales by those who seemed to fall into Reiki by accident, some who were pushed into it, and those who said Reiki found them. No matter, once introduced, they knew they had to know more. Sharing stories builds community, starts friendships, helps with learning, and personal growth. And that is what Nikki Ward, my co-organizer, and I hoped to accomplish on the day of the conference.

I had been reminded of a FB post by the Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. In it she talked about how nervous she felt before going on stage to speak at Oprah Winfrey’s Live the Life You Want Tour. As she calmed herself backstage she came to the realization that she didn’t have to be perfect. The event wasn’t about her. The event was about sharing, learning and growing. In showing up, being present and sharing what she knew, Elizabeth helped that process along for all those who were present including herself! That’s what happens when we give a Reiki treatment. As practitioners we give and get at the same time.

Do you know that you do that everyday? Maybe not in the big way that Elizabeth Gilbert did it. Maybe not like a Reiki practitioner either. Yet the events that happen in your day are an opportunity to share and build community. The bus driver did not show up late at your stop just to annoy you. But you know that. You build when you give thanks that he showed up and at the same time smile and say, ‘Good Morning.’

How will you build, support, or encourage those around you today? Because what you do for them, you do for you too.

P.S. If you would like to read more about my weekend and our conference, just click this link…

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