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What Effect Are You Having?

It occurred to me the other day that I had made a promise I wasn't keeping. I had received a request for a distant Reiki healing treatment but I had forgotten and done nothing about it. Stan had sent a message to me because both he and his partner, Fred, were in a difficult period in their life. Apart from the financial difficulties they both had health issues.

Distant healing means that I can offer Reiki healing to someone who is not in the same room or even the same country as I am. Stan and Fred live in the UK and I am in Canada. In the Jikiden style of Reiki distant healing is sent to one person at a time and I decided that my focus would be Stan since he had made the request. It would not be a one-time effort but a series of treatments.

Then I wondered how fair I was being since Fred needed help too and who was I to say which person was in greater need. This has been percolating for the past few days and though I'm not sure I have the best answer I have come to terms with my decision. For one thing once I had finished the series with Stan I could start a series with Fred, an easy solution. But what if I did not have time for Fred? I only have so many hours of the day where I can volunteer my time. Would the work I do with Stan help Fred in any way?

I believe the answer to that question is yes. I am of the opinion that each of us affects the people around us both in positive and negative ways. Have you ever been around someone who is feeling down? It takes a lot of energy for you to maintain a positive attitude around that person. In fact, we are often counseled not to spend time, or to spend as little time as possible, around negative people. It helps to keep your stress to a minimum.

If, through the Reiki healing, I could help Stan feel better I believed it would have a positive effect for Fred as well. It may not change Fred’s physical well-being directly but he would have to spend less energy supporting a partner who is feeling better. His mental strain would be reduced; he would be more relaxed, thus helping his body to move away from stress and toward peace and healing. That would certainly be a win-win situation!

This opportunity to help Stan and Fred has reminded me of a couple of things. It is important that we manage our own attitudes because we are not responsible for how others think. Yet as interconnected beings we can through our thoughts and actions have a direct effect on the people around us.

What effect are you having?

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