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How May I Serve You?

Unsubscribe. It’s a neat little button that allows you to eliminate some organization from your inbox and your life. I use it all the time, do you? I thought I wanted the information but find that the email comes in and I never read it. Like clothes that have been in my closet for too long I’ve started throwing out.

Now, however, I find myself on the other end of that unsubscribe button. The public has a choice to subscribe to my blog, or get rid of it when they no longer read it. And when the update from MailChimp arrives with the unsubscribe number higher than zero I wonder if somehow I’ve failed.


I have to remind myself that we can never fail. As human beings we can forget our true magnificence – that we are born out of love; that we are love; that we share our love in small and large ways; and that every time we do, it increases our capacity for love. We can forget that we are connected and every act or thought we do or have for someone else, we do the same for ourselves. We can forget that when we approach our work, indeed our passions, with the idea of serving love, joy and peace we increase all those attributes in our own lives.

We can forget, but we can never fail.

That is one of the aspects of the Reiki practice that I appreciate. I can never fail. I may have failed to recognize it as more than just a system of healing but I cannot fail when I place my hands on myself or another person. I don’t make the Reiki heal anything. It works because I am willing to open myself to being a conduit for love. Chiyoko Yamaguchi, a practitioner for 65 years said, “Reiki is love.”

As an accountant I serve my company when I approach my job with love. That love permeates to my co-workers and the customers I interact with. A few months after starting a new job some years ago, one by one the staff I worked with would quietly tell me what a sense of peace I brought to the office. Maybe it’s my personality but that has changed, I believe, since I started the Reiki practice and the conscious practice of bringing love to what I do.

In the eyes of the world there are many failures but those eyes do not count in the quiet of your heart. When you go about your day today ask the question to those you meet, “How may I serve you today?” No matter the answer given in your mind know the answer is,

“With Love.”

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