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A Simple Message

My last few months have been chaotic, crazy, and happily, exciting. How about you? I want to think that I am so special that this great chaos is all mine but it turns out I'm really not so special. Friends around me have just as chaotic lives, some for the better and some not so much.

In all this chaos though something had to give and what gave was my blog writing. I've missed the act of sitting to write my blog but have written at least a dozen, all in my head. Somewhere along the way I got to thinking that perhaps no one would notice or even care. I write because I like to and would do it even if no one read a single word. However, despite that fact I always hope that what I write is of value to someone someday.

My chaos, in a nutshell, starts with the fact that once again we are moving, and changing countries. That means a trip to find a new place to live while maintaining the old place so that the landlord can show it. Our wedding, with all the ups and downs of planning such an event, and the joy of seeing family and friends again. Then just two days later, my new husband going in one direction for work and me going in another one for the new house.

There I was, late the other night, still not in our new house, and still countries away from hubby, feeling tired and a little lonely. In came an email from Cynthia who reads my blogs and often comments. She was wondering what had happened, why she had not seen any new posts recently. It felt like a boost of adrenaline because she cared and took the time to say so. Knowing a little bit about her life and the chronic pain she has to manage, I know how difficult it is for her to maneuver and live a normal life. Yet she took the time to write. The very next day came another email from another reader saying something similar.

I remembered that not so long ago I had emailed a friend to say I had seen some of her design work and how great I thought it was. It was a simple message, very short and quickly forgotten by me but she was over the moon! She called me on the phone with such joy in her voice for having received the email. She had been having a bad day in her chaotic life and this had helped her transcend to a place of joy. Her plan that day was to pay it forward and I felt happy that I’d taken the time to email.

My message today is simple. Tell someone you are in contact with today something really great about themselves, their work, their smile, or what ever else you can genuinely and generously say. No need to be elaborate or expect anything in return.

It’s a simple way to bring light and joy into another life. It’s a simple way to bring joy to your own life.


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