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Are You a Victim of Pain?

When the pain takes over your life it becomes tiresome for so many reasons. Do you think about and talk about your chronic pain so much that it’s almost boring? Yet, it’s hard to do otherwise and it can be very discouraging.

I am not a psychologist, medical doctor, physiotherapist or psychiatrist but thank goodness there are people in the world who want to do those jobs because there are people in the world who would do their best healing under the care of one of those professionals. But whether you work with a medical professional or not you still have to go home alone and manage your pain - be it a physical issue, a mental state, or an emotional feeling – and more often a mixture.

From my own personal experience the hardest thing to do is to ask for help when you are feeling at your lowest. There are lots of not very good reasons why this happens. But asking for help is one of the most courageous things you can do because it means that you are facing and opening up to the most painful part of your condition or state of being. And that allows healing to start.

Yet I believe the keys to continued healing are the simple self-care techniques used on a daily basis in conjunction with any medical treatments that may be required. Short meditations, movement, nutrition, affirmations and forgiveness just to name a few. What you don’t want is to be chained to your pain. Don’t be like the elephant that, even when the chains were removed, could not step beyond the length of the chain. Don’t be a victim.

There is no point blaming someone or something outside of yourself for your troubles. It won’t help in solving your problem. The gunman who goes to the mall full of angst, sorrow or hatred, does not find a solution by shooting people at random. You may not be able to change how the pain feels but you can take charge of how you view the pain. You can view it as the chain holding you back or you can make it the catalyst for bringing joy and peace into your life.

Don't be a victim; transcending pain is possible when you commit to self-care every day.

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