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Magnificent You!

Happy New Year! Do you feel the energy and excitement of the New Year? Enjoy that feeling, use it, as a stepping-stone to creating a 2014 you will cherish. Now that the celebrations are over the year will press forward carrying you along with it. But you, oh yes you, you have so much to offer in the coming year. This is a quick reminder of the Magnificent You!

Oh, I know, you’re going to tell me that your body doesn’t work the way it should; or that you don’t have enough money; or you don’t have the job you really want yet; or your business is not making a enough but they are all circumstances – they are not you.

Your true being is within you and, whether you realize it or not, it can’t help but make itself known. It shows itself in the little things you do, like the smile you give a stranger, or the words of praise you shower on a loved one. It oozes out of you when you extend your hand to help someone in need, and your essential self cannot be hidden when you choose to express love instead of fear or worry or harm.

No doubt the coming year will have it’s share of ups and downs, that’s just part of life. But you add fuel to your inner fire when you choose to face those experiences of life with a mind focused on forgiveness. It is through forgiveness that you let go of anger and draw to you a love that that can conquer all odds and in the process uplift everyone involved. As the old saying goes, “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.”

Do you know when your light shines the brightest though? It is when you see yourself as blessed and then look at those around you seeing them as blessed too. It is when you acknowledge the talents you have and then seek out the talents in others. It is when you believe that you are worthy and then say the same to someone else who needs to be reminded. It is when you remember that, in truth, you have everything you need.

I see Magnificent You. Enjoy 2014!

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