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Life, Spiritual Practice & Reiki

I’ve been thinking about Reiki as a spiritual practice for a while now and wanting to write about it. But life got in the way, with the most recent in a long line of interruptions being the visit of my sister last week. We are only eighteen months apart in age, have similar builds though she is slimmer and more toned, and sound very much alike when we speak. Most people know we are sisters right away and while we get on great now it was not always the case. Maturity, forgiveness and time apart have made us friends.

Despite this, she has a way of pushing my buttons sometimes and spending a week with her it had to happen at least once. We were talking about getting a name legally changed; the way she had changed hers back to her maiden name after her divorce. She said it was so easy. I disagreed. When I started to object she chimed in cutting off my sentence. I tried again, same thing. I could feel the anger rising so I shut down and didn’t say another word. Her response to my hubby was, “see that face, it’s her stubborn face.” Now I was really annoyed because, of course, I’m not stubborn!

That’s life offering me the opportunity to examine my anger and my belief about my stubbornness. That examination led me to think about spiritual practice again. To me, it is the daily habit I make to be in alignment with God or that unseen source that guides us. When I am consistent with my practice I feel at peace and centered. The need to address my anger reminds me that I’m out of alignment with peace. But, by recognizing what I am feeling for what it truly is - simple anger - I can decide if the anger needs real corrective action or if it is merely my ego just wanting to be right. Taken in this context one could argue that life itself is simply a spiritual practice. It is a constant course check based on how far or near one feels to peace.

While I think that is a good starting point I actually feel that a true spiritual practice means you open to a source greater than yourself. It is with a spiritual practice that you can bring meaning to your life. You also expand your awareness to be in the world and you stay centered in the quiet of your inner self. When you are centered you can face whatever comes to you in your day-to-day living.

And when you are dealing with any kind of pain, especially chronic pain, those are the inner resources doctors hope their patients have when they come through the door.

That’s all well and good, but for someone in chronic pain developing a spiritual practice may not be so easy. This is especially true if there was no sense of spirituality before the chronic condition set in. Meditation takes dedication when you are just starting out and is hard to start when you are in pain. Chanting can be too noisy and yoga impossible when one cannot even walk. I’d like to offer an alternative.

Reiki is both a spiritual and a healing practice. As a spiritual practice a Reiki healing session easily puts the recipient into a meditative state. This allows them to access their inner resources. What arises from within has a healing effect on the human system as a whole rather than on a particular condition or disease. Reiki is a “healing” practice because it moves the body system away from stress and constant coping toward rest and rejuvenation. This brings the system back into balance. It is when we are in a balanced state that our body is able to maximize and accelerate its own ability to heal.

Self-Reiki is easily done at Level One, and can be used for as short or as long as the person practicing needs it. Daily use as a self-healing technique is recommended, especially on waking or going to sleep. It becomes the means to access the deepest, most expansive part of yourself. By doing so you develop a spiritual practice, bring the body into balance and accelerate healing on every level of your being.

What spiritual practice do you currently use? If you don’t have one, would you consider starting one? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have and share the practices I use.

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