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Inhale love, exhale pain

Happy Valentines Day!

The legend of who St. Valentine is and just how he and the tradition of Valentines greetings became entwined remains a mystery. What we are clear on is that February is now known as the month of romance and love.

Ahhhh…Love. It feels good.

That’s because when you feel love it triggers the body to produce the hormone oxytocin. This is produced by a woman when she labors and delivers her baby, and later when she breastfeeds the baby. Both men and women release it during intercourse, and when you show love and affection to your pet or do something that makes someone else feel good, your body will produce oxytocin.

And you will benefit physically and psychologically.

The embrace and support with loving words and touch from those around you releases this ‘love hormone’ and research shows that it can help support and promote the healing process. The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that oxytocin helps in the reduction of blood pressure, lowering stress hormones and increasing pain thresholds.

Yes, I know, all this research is about increasing bonds between people – whether between couples, family members, friends or just a patient and practitioner relationship – but it’s not limited to humans. It works with pets and it works just thinking about someone or something you love. The key is to feel that feeling of love.

This Valentines Day I encourage you to start feeling and showing <i>yourself</i> some love.

Put your hand on that aching body part and tell it how much you love it. Think of whoever or whatever brings up that feeling of love in you and direct the feeling to your body. Pretend it’s your body that is bringing up that love. Every time you wince in pain, stop what you are doing, put your hand on the pain and bring up the feeling. Remember the loving words too because they help to enhance the loving feeling.

Inhale love. Feel it move into and through your body. Feel it energize every part of your being. Feel it soothe those parts that hurt.

Exhale compassion. Allow yourself that feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for what hurts and let your strong desire to alleviate the suffering take over.

As you do your oxytocin levels will increase. Can you imagine how it will help with your healing? And it’s a non-toxic way to support your body. I bet your body will even begin to love you back over time. C’mon, try it for a week and tell me how it goes. Leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook.

Whatever you decide my wish is that you have all the love you desire on this Valentines Day.

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