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The Heart to Go On

Franco’s heart does not work properly. As a result he has a pacemaker. At least, he had a pacemaker but that’s not working any longer either, and given the fact that this is his second pacemaker he is reluctant to have a third operation to install a new one.

I can’t say I blame him.

While pacemaker surgery is no longer considered major surgery I would think that any kind of cut or incision would create scar tissue and other possible complications if it were done repeatedly. But I’m not a doctor. Then again, what would I be willing to do to keep my heart functioning well? A person gets a pacemaker in the first place because the heart’s electrical system is not functioning well and the pacemaker helps to fill in missing beats.

So Franco is now walking around with a defunct pacemaker and with no replacement in sight. That really hit home for me because I look at it as though each day could be his last. His heart may just up and quit before the replacement is put in. And while that may be somewhat melodramatic can you imagine having a heart like that?

As we move into the New Year, a new month, a new week or a new day, let us give thanks. Yes, any day can be the last for any of us, but until then use the power of appreciation and gratitude to make each day worthwhile. Here’s a quick reminder of how, according to research, you will benefit:

It boosts feelings of well-being, relaxation and happiness.

It creates stronger connection to others.

It promotes better health and improved sleep.

It helps in your career with increased productivity, better goal management and improved decision-making.

It increases self-esteem and overall energy.

There is no rocket science here yet this simple act can enhance and create huge advantages in your life – no matter if you have a failing heart, a bad back, or some other form of chronic pain. Are you ready to give it a try?

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