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A Forgiveness Practice

(Pilot project)

What does it mean to Love With Conviction? 

  • It means expressing love to those who annoy or hurt us the most.

  • It means expressing love when we are not in the mood.

  • It means expressing love always and in all ways. 

"Those who hate, hate with conviction. They are convincing and public with their conviction.

To combat the hate in the world we have to love more deeply than the 'haters' hate.

We need to love with conviction."

~ Marianne Williamson ~



Why am I starting this project?

It breaks my heart every time I see there has been another mass shooting, another hate killing, another fight starting. Forgiveness starts with me. It changes my mind and how I see those around me. It brings more love into my life and my corner of the world.


Friends on the journey with me can do some wonderful and powerful things! 

"It takes one, just one
And then one follows the other one
And then another follows the other one
Next thing you know you got a billion
People doing some wonderful things
People doing some powerful things
Let's change and do some powerful things
Unity could be a wonderful thing."

~ Union by Black Eyed Peas ~


Here's the plan:


You choose someone in your life who you find difficult to be around. 


Every day you will spend 5 minutes sending love to that person. Every day I'll send an email to encourage and guide you. 


You will be part of a WhatsApp group where we can connect as a group to share experiences and encourage each other in this practice. 


This practice will be done consecutively for 30 days.

If you join in we will all start and end on the same day - but this practice may change your life. 



What's next?


We will be starting on Sunday January 20, 2019 - last day to sign up is Friday January 18, 2019.


Send me an email using the link below letting me know you are interested. Include your mobile number is so that I can add you to the private WhatsApp group. 

This is free and a trial for me. I'm asking for your help in seeing how it works. Please be willing to participate fully and let me know what works and what doesn't over the practice month. 


Is this easy? 

Nope. You don't even like the person you've chosen! But it's not about them, and I know you know that ;)

Do you have to do it every day? 

Yup. Each day builds on the previous day and this is a muscle you may have never used before. Therefore, you need to practice everyday to build up the forgiveness loving muscle.

Will you become best friends with the person you've chosen? 

I doubt it, but you never know! The practice will help you let go of baggage that's holding you back and help you see differently. Most important though is that you will bring more love into the world. 



Possible side effects of this practice:

  • Feelings of peace may increase

  • Joy arising without your assistance

  • A sense of clarity may invade your mind

  • An increased ability to see beauty, love, and joy around you


"The people who are trying to make this world worse aren't taking a day off. How can I?"

~ Bob Marley ~

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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