August 17, 2017

Resetting in any area of life will benefit all areas and it won’t matter where you start. You just have to start! Here are some ideas.

December 31, 2016

What do you hope for? Why should you care? Because when you care, and dream, and reach out, you make your immediate world a better place.

April 3, 2014

I'll start with the premise, and whether you agree with it or not, hear me out. My premise is that whatever happens in the world in front of me is symbolic of what is going on inside of me. If I see someone who is mean to another it is a symbolic reminder of the meanne...

December 12, 2013

If there was ever a time to feel this way, the month of December makes you feel it twice as much. You know what I mean, the feeling that there is way too much to do and just not enough time to do it all. Apart from your regular workload there are the extra events and p...

November 14, 2013

It landed on the stonewall right in front of us. I found myself watching it’s every move and realized Paul was just as mesmerized by the wasp when he raised his hand to block the sun, casting a shadow over it. He wondered what it would do, “because,” he said, “they see...

January 10, 2013

The New Year did not start well.  In fact, I felt like I had boarded the ferry on the shore of 2012 and I was halfway across the river to 2013 when it sank.  It took some amount of maneuvering and hard swimming not to get pulled down by the sinking boat and swim to the...

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